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For All Customer Service Needs on Existing Ecommerce Orders,
Please Contact Us at or Call (855) 372-8209


Why Are You Closing Your Stock Packaging Website?

We are focusing on what we do best to serve our customers better!  StockPKG will continue our core business operations for Film, Slitting Services, Lamination, and Bags. 
StockPKG is moving away from many of our stock goods and equipment sold on this portal. Customers interested in Vacuum Bags and other manufactured bags should contact us!

Is Your Business Completely Shutting Down?

Not at all! We are transitioning to supply plastic films, laminations, and film slitting services, that make packaging products like bags, pouches, labels, lidding, and more. We no longer offer stock packaging in an ecommerce store, but are still very involved in the packaging industry.


Where Can I Get my Products After August 15th, 2023?

You can contact your assigned StockPKG account representative to ask about future orders. Only larger bulk orders will be considered; we may refer you to one of our distribution partners. 

If you do not have an assigned account representative, we refer you to search online for your products and utilize one of the numerous options there are for packaging supplies. 


What If I Need to Make a Return After August 15th, 2023?

Our normal customer service will be in place until September 15th, 2023. After that date, no more returns or damage claims will be accepted. No emails or phone calls related to our e-commerce stock packaging products will be returned after September 15th, 2023.


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